baby berry

Now offering handmade baby accessories. Heirloom quality baby shoes, leg warmers and hats for fashionable babies. Psst... love the leg warmers and hats? I'm offering those in baby - adult sizing, just ask. Totally customizable. Handmade by the artist. 

Please view the Spring Summer 2016 catalog below and contact YazBerry to discuss the products you'd like, and the available options.

Peek at the baby accessories album on facebook to see my latest creations. 

Virginia is open to new product ideas. The leg warmers came by way of a customer request as did the vegan choices. Is there a baby product you would love to buy handmade instead of mass produced in a factory overseas? Please, contact Virginia to discuss design options and pricing. 

baby berry Catalog Winter 2014-2015 Pages 2-3baby berry Catalog Winter 2014-2015 Pages 4-5berry baby Catalog Winter 2014-2015 Page 6baby berry Baby Shoe Size Chart